5 Ways to Build Self Esteem

ways to build self esteem

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3/5 Ways to Build Self Esteem
-Mirror Talk

Any time you walk past a mirror, shop window or other reflective surface, one of the ways to build self esteem is to not to focus on what you don't like - but instead greet yourself by saying: "Hi sweetie." It's short, sweet, simple and it'll make you feel much better.  Imagine that endearment touching your heart and reverberating through your cells and how it would make your heart and cells feel to feel acknowledged and loved.  How you feel about your body changes your biochemistry and that affects your health.

Avoid number-itis.  It's what happens when you hop on a scale and then hear the inner voice start up her chant inside your head.  A great way to build your self esteem is to throw out your scale.  Yes - really!  Why would you want to allow an inanimate little object to dictate your worth?  If throwing it out is just too much, write:  'You're worth your weight in gold" and stick it over the dial.  Or...write any number you'd like to see on it and stick that over the dial.  

4/5 Ways to build self esteem - 
Outsmart that inner critic

Have you ever noticed that when your inner critic gets going, it seems to be skilled at starting on one topic and then bringing up every other issue in the book.  Before we know it, they are go round and round in our heads without ever coming to any helpful resolution, and instead eroding our self-esteem even more. This is definitely a time to harness ways to build self esteem and stop that inner voice. 

Instead of trying to fight and silence your inner critic...just take a step back and observe it. Adopt a childlike sense of curiosity about it, and watch it as if you were a private investigator trying to understand how it operates. 

And, almost as if you were taking notes to report back to someone have an internal commentary about it as in: "Oh, so I see that you've now finished going on about my body and now you're moving to what I else I've done wrong lately,' or "Ooo, you clever little minx....don't think I'm not noticing that the moment you see someone else in shorts you get me to compare myself so that you've got material to start me off again.' etc... etc... 

Witnessing your thoughts separates them from you and allows you to see what strengthens and weakens them more clearly. And if you can tack a bit of humor - and laugh at them, wow, that's a great step forward in adopting activities to improve your self-esteem.

5/5 Activities to Build Self Esteem

And here's another of the activities to improve your self esteem that I'd challenge you to do. Take 3 minutes out of your day every day for the next month to do our amazing FREE creative visualization. This more than anything is an incredibly powerful way to improve your self-esteem.   

Combine all these activities to improve your self esteem and before you know it, you'll feel like a different person. And if you really want to overcome your self-esteem problems get yourself a copy of The Joy-Filled Body. It's life-changing! 

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