Quantum energy & quantum health

The whole idea of quantum energy and quantum health is one that has me fascinated because all I learned about at school, was about reductionistic thinking.  But the mind body is intimately connected, so not to take that into account when you're talking about creating optimal health and wellness is like trying to read only half a book assuming you'll get the whole story right.

Quantum energy is a far cry from Newtonian physics. The latter would have us believe we can separate the body, mind and soul and that they don't impact on each other. But with the advent of ideas like a quantum body and quantum health we know that's no longer true.

With the advent of Quantum physics, scientists such as those on What the Bleep do we know, illustrate a new understanding of the quantum body - the central message is that: WE ARE WHOLE, we cannot separate the body, mind and soul. This opens up new understandings of our quantum body and our quantum health. This also provides yet another reason why diets don't work and why spiritual fasting attains health benefits that a regular detox won't/

Quantum health & vibrations

Everything is energy - even the things we can't see. Without energy nothing would exist. What makes the difference between different forms of matter (whether it is visible to us or not) is the speed at which energy vibrates.

We look in a mirror and see a single body - we don't see that we’re a community of 50 trillion living cells interacting with all quantum energy fields around us. 

According to veteran cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief and 'The Wisdom of our Cells' quantum health comes about when their is harmony and cooperation within our cellular community. Disease happens when the community is fractured or in competition. 

Quantum energy and the quantum body of water

I've been fascinated by the work of the work of the Japanese water researcher Masaru Emoto.  When he exposed water to the energy of various words and then photographed the crystals he found that positive words like: love and gratitude formed exquisitively patterned strong crysals. Negative words like: you fool, produced only chaotic and disturbed patterns.

About 75% of the adult body is made up of cellular water. Words and even thoughts according to the quantum energy theory are all made of vibrational energy. 

Given Dr. Emoto's research we have to ask ourselves an important question: what is happening to the quality of our cellular water when our thought power is conjuring up hateful thoughts about our body?  And, given quantum energy fields, how does that impact on our health. 

Could it just be possible that our negative thought power about our 'less than perfect ' body affects our body far more adversely than any fat we carry?

Dr David Hawkins - Power vs Force

Kinesiology is using an indicator muscle to test the body's response to various stimuli. And here's what I find fascinating... Plenty of kinesiological research shows that, the body knows what is good for it (strengthens it) and what is bad for it (weakens it)...we have a quantum body.

The work of author of Power vs Force, Dr. David Hawkins, for which he has been knighted, shows that the body tests strong for positive words like 'love,' 'joy' and 'appreciation' (in other words his work backs up what scientists from other quantum energy fields like Dr. Masaru Emoto's work also finds). Unsuprisingly, words like 'guilt', 'shame' and 'hate' all test weak. 

Again, I have to ask... what are we doing to the strength of our cells and hence our health when we continually turn the power of our thoughts towards feeling ashamed or disparaging of our body? And when we eat with guilt instead of joy?

Diets aren't the answer, seeding our quantum field with feelings of love and self-compassion are. According to the law of attraction and secrets of weight loss when you focus on love, you'll attract into your life a different body to love because the vibration of your thoughts manifest different results.

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